Originally invented for big-budget Hollywood productions, the green screen studio has more recently allowed 3D video production artists to take subjects to places where they have never been, or yet imagined. Archixyz’s renderings and cinematic animations use this technique in order to create a sense of scale and to promote the desired look and feel of a project.

Rather than relying on overused stock libraries or incorporating people who look out of place, our 3D video productions use handpicked models with a look and attire that is most suitable for the project at hand. Each subject is carefully screened, selected, and choreographed to fit within a given rendering or animated sequence. Archixyz’s green screen studio can generate lighting conditions that are perfectly matched to help integrate the real people seamlessly into the digital environment. Once the models are filmed against the green screen studio backdrop, Archixyz is then able to remove the background and composite each person into specific rendered images or animation sequences. This makes our 3D video production more convincing and marketable for our clients and a cut above our competitors.

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