ARCHIXYZ: Your 3D Interactive design partner

Whether you need an image or animation for a product, or 3D interactive content for a website, ARCHIXYZ has the capabilities to bring your vision to stunning realism. Working hand in hand with advertising companies and post-production houses, Archixyz is able to produce the assets they need to put the finishing touch on world-class projects.

Building upon the core strengths of our studio, the knowledge and experience of ARCHIXYZ’s recognize artists, managers, and directors allows for seamless partnerships into areas such as sophisticated corporate websites and other highly branded media. Having successfully completed various published, distributed, broadcasted, and online work, ARCHIXYZ is rapidly evolving in the growth industry of interactive projects.

Looking for the ideal partner to generate 3D interactive models and finalize your project? View our ARCHIXYZ 3D Interactive Portfolio or Contact us for more information or for a no-obligation cost estimate.