How much do you charge for renderings? For animations and designs?

We offer competitive pricing. Please submit a simple set of drawings or sketches of your project and we will gladly provide you with an estimate and schedule. We also have free designs and offer customization of any kind of Architectural Design.

What is your lead time? 

1-2 Weeks for renderings and 1-2 months for animations, 1-3 months for designs.

What type of information do you need to get started on a 3d project?
We typically request plans and elevations in DWG or ArchiCAD PLN format.

What type of information do you need to get started on an architectural project?
We typically request plans of the site and pictures and the normative of the site, as well your requirements.

What kind of architectural projects do you design?
We design any kind of projects from interior design of any space to residential and office buildings.

Where can I purchase your software?

We are a creative production and design studio and do not sell software.

What software do you use?

Our core software is ArchiCAD, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max. We use Photoshop for post on our illustrations and we use After Effects for our videos and animation.

Do you have job openings or internships?

We currently have job openings, you are welcome to submit your resume for future consideration.